Stopper Processing Systems

Atec develops and manufactures stopper processing systems for sterile filling lines. The stoppers are maintained in a process vessel through the complete process of stopper loading, processing and transfer.

  • Variable process volume up to 340 liters
  • High drying efficiency through pulse-drying
  • Effective endtoxin and particel reduction
  • Process security through vessel tracking system
  • Various materials of construction
  • Treatment of different types of components:
    • Stoppers
    • Plungers
    • Tip / Caps / Needle shields
    • Lined seals
    • Aluminium caps and seals
    • Steel and glass beads

The Stopper Processing System consists of 3 Stations.

All Stopper Processing Systems Components

  • Loading Station

    For stopper loading, the process vessel is docked at a cleanroom-lift (Atec Lifting Device – ALD). The lift rotates the vessel to bring it into loading position.
  • Process Station

    The process steps of washing, sterilization, siliconization, drying and cooling are done at the process station.
  • Transfer Station

    For the transfer of stoppers the process vessel can be docked directly to the RABS or Isolator of the filling line. Atec is manufacturing lifts for the positioning of the vessel that can be floor or ceiling mounted.
  • Bag Filling Equipment

    The Atec stopper and cap bag filling systems are used for sterile transfer of pharmaceutical components into bags. Fully automated cleanroom lift systems are utilized to position the vessels filled with sterile components over a VHP transfer isolator or RABS, for sterile stopper or cap distribution into bags.