Clean Room Lifts

Atec develops clean room lifts for the handling of vessels, containers and bags.

Application examples for the clean room lifts are the positioning of stopper processing vessels at an isolator or RABS for sterile stopper transfer or the positioning of containers for transfer of API's to formulation vessels at formulation systems.

  • Clean room design with complete enclosure of all motors and sensors using stainless steel panelling sealed with O-rings
  • Precision of movement and positioning through gear drives using frequency driven motors
  • Safety trough motor brakes
  • Flexibility through modular attachment for vessels, containers and bags
  • Comprehensive alarm system – ensures operator safety during lift operation
  • Ceiling, floor or wall mounted
  • Rotating lift column allows three dimentional movement
  • Customizable docking fork
    • Customizable for different containers
    • Includes plugs for transferring signals, power and technical compressed air
    • Vessel interlocks for safe fixation of containers
    • Light for illuminating the transfer container
    • Loading cells to control weight

The clean room lifts are designed to assure accurate positioning. All electromechanical parts of the lifts are covered with stainless steel paneling. The movements of the clean room lifts are done through rotation of axes. The rotational axes are sealed with O-rings towards the clean room.