Commitment to Quality

For us, quality means delivering products that fulfil our customers’ requirements and expectations. Beginning with product design, we are committed to supporting our customers and being a competent and reliable partner.

The implementation and ISO 9001 certification of our quality management system is our next step in strengthening customer confidence in our commitment to excellence.

For manufacture of pressurised equipment in the European Economic Area, Atec meets the Pressurised Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU specifications for design and construction.

ASME certification enables us to market our products worldwide and to meet the highest requirements of international competition. Additionally, our qualification to register products with the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors allows us to fulfil the requirements for pressurised equipment companies in Canada and some states within the U.S. 

01-Zertifikat-ISO-9001 2015 2018-2021 englisch
02-ASME-Certificate-of-Authorization-to-use-U-stamp 2018
03-NB-Certificate-of-Authorization-to-Registerpressor-retaining-items 2018
04-NB-Certificate-of-Authorization-to-use-R-stamp 2018
05-Zertifikat-CE-Kennzeichnung-nach-Druckgerterichtlinie 2017
06-Zertifikat-CE-Kennzeichnung-nach-Druckgerterichtlinie Prozessstation 2017
07-Zertifikat HP0 2016
08-Zertifikat ISO 3834-2 2016