atec Sterile Technology

Atec Pharmatechnik GmbH was founded in 1996 by four business partners in Harrislee near Flensburg. The current production facility in Sörup was built in 2001 with ideal settings for the construction of specifically for our customers manufactured equipment, apparatus and vessels for use in sterile manufacturing. Two production halls, specialized workshops for vessel, lift and equipment construction, metal grinding/polishing and electrical work, as well as a storage area for completed equipment. A start-up and commissioning area with clean utilities provides space for the qualification of completed equipment and a testing area that can also be used for customer demonstrations. The on-site laboratory allows for analysis and testing to confirm compliance with the required quality standards, specifically temperature mapping, analysis of particle reduction and measurement of residual moisture.

With a team of experts in engineering, design, construction, automation and qualification, Atec Pharmatechnik GmbH provides comprehensive project support by specialized staff.
Today, Atec Steritec (renamed in 2006) exists as a subsidiary of Atec Pharmatechnik GmbH and is responsible for sales.

Atec develops and manufactures stopper processing systems for sterile filling lines. The stoppers are maintained in a process vessel through the complete process of stopper loading, processing and transfer.

Atec Pharmatechnik is specialized in formulation vessels and systems for the sterile filling operation. The systems are highly cutomized to fulfill the specific requirements of the projects.

  • Clean Room Lifts

    Atec develops clean room lifts for the handling of vessels, containers and bags.

  • Sterile Powder Transfer

    Atec has manufactured multiple powder transfer systems with customized solutions for the sterile powder transfer from vessels, cans and bags into a filling line isolator.

  • Process Vessels

    Atec builts formulations and processing vessels with a wide range of fittings.

  • CIP/SIP Systems

    Atec develops portable and fixed CIP/SIP systems for vessels and other CIPable components.